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It all began 24 years ago, I was given my first miniature horse from my sister in law who thought I needed “something” to do!

As a child, I was always around horses, mostly Thoroughbred race horses at my Aunt and Uncle’s breeding and race facility. Always wanting horses! My husband and I went from Morgan’s to Miniature’s. Life was never the same! What began many years ago has turned into a life of pleasure and fulfillment! 


New West Ranch has achieved championships to World Reserve Grand Championships thanks in part to Sami’s Rocket Squirrel, “Squirrel” and Las Doradas Buckeroos Cajun Rhythm, “Rhythm.”


Our goal is to produce personable, well balanced athletic horses that resemble the look and movement of the large horse keeping in mind that we pay close attention to quality, size and bloodlines when selecting our breeding stock. Some of our bloodlines include Bond Dynamo, Orion Light Vant Huttenest, Komokos, Country Boy with the industries most respected and World known Buckeroo, Sids Rebel and Top Banana!


Currently I have mares exposed to “Rhythm” for sale.  I have decided to  reduce my herd and selectively breed while focusing on up and coming horses from my herd. You too could be a part of New Ranch horses! 


Welcome to NEW WEST RANCH!

~ Lonnie

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New West Ranch Ad Design

Our recent Ad Design featured in The Journal

New West Ranch Ad Design

Our recent Ad Design featured in the

Miniature Horse World "Year In Review"

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